I spend 35-60 minutes every morning writing and polishing my LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn is where I’m most active and where my leads come from.

After I make my post, I spend another 20-30 minutes throughout the day engaging with my network and responding to their messages and comments.

That means I wake up an hour earlier than I have to just to mindfully create original content EVERY DAY.

It takes me about 3 hours to make a carousel post or a long form blog post and marry the content with a design that doesn’t totally suck.

Sometimes my audience likes it, sometimes they don’t.

No matter what, I keep going.

I never dwell on the content that sucked.

I move on ASAP.

My goal is to create helpful, original content daily, not rely on reposting my old content or other people’s content.

Simple, right?


Successful strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. It just needs to work. Testing and execution is where most people get tripped up.

Because no one wants to do the legwork.

Consistency is NEVER easy. At least a third of the time I’m overwhelmed with self-doubt or faced with blank page syndrome.

And I’m a professional writer!

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for a non-writer.

BUT by showing up every morning, posting often and through sheer trial and error, I learn what works and what doesn’t.

Either way, I learn and grow by helping out my community.

I also ensure that my profile is branded, polished, complete and optimized for keywords. Not only does this make me look professional, it also conveys authority and fosters trust with my audience.

My efforts have been rewarded. Some personal LinkedIn stats to encourage you to start posting more on this career-changing platform:

‣ Creating original content daily increased my LinkedIn follower count by 144% over the past month.

‣ My profile views skyrocketed 2155% after I began posting daily on LinkedIn.

‣ My slider posts see 650% more views than text posts.

? Other LinkedIn tips:

‣ All this organic traffic stuffed my inbox full of leads, new connections and important conversations.

‣ LinkedIn algorithm favors comments over “likes”.

‣ The amount of engagement you see within the first hour of posting affects the reach of your post.

‣ Post in the time zone of *your audience*, which is not necessarily the same as *your* time zone.

‣ Views/engagement is always lower on Friday, Sat & Sun

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Hope this was helpful!



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