Make more this year. A lot more. Here’s what you do:

STOP charging per word or per hour. I always charge by the project. Here’s why.

✍ If Lululemon approached me to write a new tagline, would I charge them per word?

✍ Sometimes it takes a full week of absolute agony to craft an engaging 30-second video script. Sometimes it takes five hours.

The product’s value remains the same no matter how long it takes me to make it. Therefore the pricing should remain the same.

✍ I get paid to help my clients achieve results. Fast. They don’t care if they pay me $$$ to write a sales email in 1 hour if it means they can launch faster and immediately see their ROI.

Charging by the hour deincentivizes speed. (And time-tracking is a hassle in itself). Besides, time = money. Most clients pay me *more* because I can produce better work, faster.

✍ I can write in one hour what junior writers might write in 8. That comes from judgment and experience developed over the past 10 years.

Charging hourly would decrease my earning potential and devalue my work.

Besides, clients NEVER want to pay more and wait longer for subpar work from someone less experienced.

xo Jackie

Published On: August 21st, 2021 / Categories: Uncategorized /