? 45 Marketing Acryonyms Copywriters Should Know ✍

Copywriting is tough enough, but what’s worse, clients will often throw a lot of jargon at you. Here’s a quick list of common terms you should know.

CTR: click-through rate
CPC: cost-per-click
CPM: cost-per-mille
CPL: cost-per-lead
CPA: cost-per-action
CLV: customer lifetime value
B2B: business-to-business
B2C: business-to-consumer
CTA: call-to-action
ROI: return on investment
KPI: key performance indicator
TOFU/MOFU/BOFU: top/middle/bottom of funnel
PPC: pay-per-click
DM: direct mail/direct message
GA: Google Analytics
PR: public relations
WOM: word of mouth
SaaS: software-as-a-service
CMS: content management system
CX/UX: customer/user experience
CR: conversion rate
CRO: conversion rate optimization
SEO: search engine optimization
SERP: search engine results page
BR: bounce rate
SMM: social media marketing
CRM: customer relationship management
AE: account executive
AM: account manager
BDR: business development rep
PM: project manager
CMO: chief marketing officer
CAC: customer acquisition cost
CCR: customer churn rate
MRR/ARR: monthly/ annual recurring revenue
MQL: marketing qualified lead
SQL: sales qualified lead
OOO: out-of-office
YoY: year over year
YTD: year to date
EOD/EOW: end of day/end of week
USP: unique selling proposition

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