In my 20s I put work before everything…

Only to burn out over and over.

I didn’t know anyone who took care of their mental, physical, or emotional health.

Everyone around me was jacked up on caffeine, doing daily overtime, sleeping at 1am and glued to their screens 90% of the time.

So any time I tried to heal, I felt guilty for even taking a day off work.

I thought burning out was the norm.

Wore it like a badge of honor.

Funny thing is…I refused to learn my lesson (even when I hit rock bottom) until COVID hit and I was forced to change.

Change jobs. Change priorities. Change life and career goals.

And you know what?

The less I worked, the better I felt.

The better I felt, the more confident and productive I became.

Until I finally healed and realized I could make a good living *without* the grind.

Yes, it’s possible.

Stop idolizing hustle culture.

Quit celebrating work martyrs.

It’s so toxic and it’s absolutely NOT the best or only way to get ahead in life.

Work-life balance is NOT a myth.

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