6 Things I Did as a Jr. Writer

? COMPLAIN (writing is SOO hard, I hate writer’s block, I don’t know what to write, I can’t do this before the deadline)

? CRY (how DARE they not love my writing, why doesn’t anyone recognize my genius, why can’t I make more money freelancing, I hate myself and I suck)

⌛ WAIT for inspiration (soon, anytime now)

⏰ PROCRASTINATE (Later. Let’s write that later.)

? OVERWHELM myself (you want me to do WHAT by WHENN?!)

? AVOID writing (new episode of House of Cards!)


✍️ What I Do Now ✍️

-CONTROL my emotions (because I’m a grown woman)

-REFRAME obstacles as exciting challenges

-ACCEPT feedback and rejection with grace. Compromise, revise or defend my ideas as necessary

-RESEARCH the hell out of every project and grabbing inspiration by the throat

-PRIORITIZE my tasks, organize each project, establish milestones and meet consistently meet deadlines

…because that’s what professional writers and adults do. ?

xo Jackie

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