9 Scary Good Halloween Emails by Jackie Quiring

Why These Emails Work

  1. RXBAR. The RXBAR email works so well because it promotes a limited edition flavor with a tasteful Halloween-themed design. I love how much effort their team put into the product packaging design. Did you notice the two Frankenstein’s monster screws coming out of the protein bar? ;)
  2. Litmus. This email works well on so many levels. From the Halloween-themed icons (Frankenstein Gmail, anyone?) and punny copy to the cool interactive elements…I really enjoyed reading this one. When you click the “Lights off” button, the email switches to dark mode so you can play a game further down in the email. This email is both entertaining AND educational. It’s a great *themed* way of “showing, not telling” readers how interactive emails work.
  3. Google. In Classic Google fashion, this email offers useful tips to show you how Google can spice up your Halloween festivities. I like this email because it’s genuinely helpful and reinforces the brand’s image. It also encourages readers to interact and have fun with their Google devices, thereby forming positive emotional connections with them.
  4. Lending Tree. Again, great Halloween artwork, and on-point copy makes this email a winner. The brilliant headline is an excellent attention-grabber, and the bright orange CTA button really stands out here.
  5. Harry’s. Love the custom Halloween artwork and the cheeky copy. This email is super on-brand, and very creative. Harry’s branding always puts a smile on my face.
  6. Dunkin’ Donuts. Simple and user-friendly design, with 3 clear, themed CTAs make this email engaging and refreshing. The copy is clear and concise, making it very obvious what this promo is all about.
  7. Home Chef. Great use of an animated, interactive game to increase engagement. The original email encourages readers to click on the gravestones to collect coupons. This is a great way to increase conversion rates because when someone “works” for their coupon, psychologically they’re more likely to use it.
  8. Cocofloss. The CTA on this one cracked me up. The copy is really on-point – this email made me smile. I like how large the font is, which is perfect for reading on mobile.
  9. Otherland. Love the vibes from this email, and how they tied the product in so well with Halloween. The copy is super atmospheric and sets a very cozy mood.
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