99% of freelancers will make this rookie pricing mistake

? Quoting a flat rate

Last week, I asked dozens of freelancers how much they charged for various assets – landing pages, sales emails, blog posts etc.

99.99% of them replied with a list of rates:

-Emails $80
-Landing page $200
-Blog post $150
-FB ad copy $50

Why is that a mistake?

Because you never asked any questions first!

What if I wanted a 400-word Black Friday sales email? Would you charge the same as a 75-word cart abandonment email?

What if I needed a 4500-word blog post about CRO best practices for ecomm upsell pages? Would you be even able to write that many words about this niche topic?

And would you charge the same amount you’d charge for a 500-word blog post about best hair pomades?

? Freelancing tip of the day: Don’t send over a quote until you’ve asked some questions about the project, expectations, scope and timeline.

That’s just the *minimum*.

There’s no way to know what the client wants without asking them lots of questions.

Save yourself from future grief and nail the brief before you send over a quote.

This is just *ONE* of the mistakes I cover in my upcoming playbook (for freelance copywriters):

? 55 Pitch n’ Pricing Mistakes That Damage Your Copywriting Biz (and How to Avoid Them)

Stay tuned for more details!

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