Only professional writers do this…

They ask questions. A lot of ’em.

New freelancers are often too scared to ask questions. Or they don’t know what questions to even ask!

As a result, they might misquote the client and agree to more than they can handle. They may even lose the client because they can’t deliver.

Imagine: Client approaches freelancer A and freelancer B with a problem: he needs a home page copy revamp.

Freelancer A: “Yes, I can help you. A 500-word home page will be $860.”

Client: Okay, thanks for the quote. Let me get back to you.


Freelancer B: “WHY do you think you need a home page revamp?”

Client: Well, my pet store’s web traffic and sales have been dropping. The copy hasn’t been updated in 4 years so I think it needs a refresh.

Freelancer B: Hmm…how do you drive traffic to your website?

Freelancer B will ask a series of questions to DIAGNOSE the problem.

Because professionals understand that fixing the copy isn’t always the best and/or ONLY solution to a client’s pain points.

This is where being a full-stack copywriter, *like me*, adds more value, produces better results and makes all the difference.

Because pros understand web/graphic design, sales funnels, marketing strategy, business operations, psychology etc., so we look at the entire picture, not just certain colors.

Freelancer success starts with asking the right questions.

But won’t asking questions make me look like an idiot? Like I don’t know what I’m doing?


Just the opposite. Asking questions – especially smart ones based on research – actually help you stand out during discovery calls.

xo Jackie

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