You *can* make money and be happy.

But all my life, dozens of friends, family and strangers told me and showed me hundreds of reasons why this wasn’t so.

“Writers will always be struggling artists.”
“Rich people are absolutely miserable; you’ll be happier making less.”
“You won’t ever find a good work-life balance.”
“Clients will keep paying you pennies.”

For a long time, I internalized other people’s logic/excuses and let their words hold me back from success.
Every failure reinforced the truth behind their words…

But one day, I finally realized: nothing is absolute.

Success, failure, happiness, sadness…they all happen in degrees.

You won’t always be struggling, but you will struggle.
You won’t always be smiling, but you will be happy.
You won’t always be rich, but you will make money.

Never punish yourself by thinking in absolutes.
Nothing in life is ever permanent.
The only constant in life is change.

xo Jackie

Published On: September 13th, 2020 / Categories: Uncategorized /