? 1. SEED the algorithm.

Open Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. and start searching for certain keywords and clicking on ads that come up.

? 2. TURN OFF your ad blocker.

Start paying attention to the ads you see on websites, in your social feed, on blogs etc.

? 3. USE FREE spy and swipe tools like FB ad library, Swiped, Milled, BigSpy etc.

Gather competitive and or industy-specific swipes super fast.

? 4. SCREENSHOT or RECORD the ads.

Label, organize and store your swipes in a separate folder. Even better, study each ad to figure out why it works so well and what could be improved.

—-BENEFITS of a Swipe File ✍️—-

– Easy to reverse engineer headline templates and design layouts

– Inspiration for when you have writer’s block

– Set yourself up for success by modeling proven concepts and copywriting formulas

– Get ideas for different styles of writing and stay up to date on industry trends

Do you have a swipe file? How do you find good ads? ⬇️

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