Choose your hard.

I’ve worked minimum wage, 9-5 (which is basically an 8-6) It’s hard.

I’ve freelanced while working a 9-5. 16-hour days are really hard.

I’ve worked a 9-5 making 6 figures. Crazy hard.

I’ve freelanced full-time for some of the coolest companies. Still super hard.

I’ve owned several different businesses over the years. All hard.

I’ve tried a dozen different “passive income” ideas…invested in real estate, day-traded, generated royalties off books, designs, templates, affiliate marketing, you name it. All hard. None of them truly “passive”.

Other hard things: eating right, exercising, meditating, waking up early, posting on LinkedIn, paying off debt…

Point is…everything you do will be hard. There are no shortcuts to riches and glory.
One way isn’t necessarily better than the others.
Even winning the lottery is hard and it drives some people crazy.

Happiness is a choice and grit is an attitude.

Choose your hard.

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