? Pop quiz! What do these 3 have in common? ?

– A copywriting portfolio that contains every piece of copy you’ve ever written

– A landing page with a mile-long list of product features

– A sales email that offers a discount, lead magnet, free consultation and a bonus ebook

The answer? Too. Much. Info. ?

Copywriters make this mistake all the time. They assume the best way to sell is to throw in more.

More writing samples. More features. More random bonuses and a variety of CTAs.

Confusion DOES NOT convert.

If you overwhelm your reader, their brain will shut down and they will default to, “I’ll decide later.” And later in many cases is never.

Copy should sell one offer to one reader using one main concept/angle.

You wouldn’t walk into a job interview and expect HR to review 100 writing samples.

You wouldn’t walk into a store and want a salesperson stalking you around showing you 10 new products and telling you about all the bells and whistles.

It’s hard to show restraint, but you need to focus on the customer experience.

Tease out your offer.
Pique curiosity.
Showcase a handful of cool features.

Invite the customer to discover the rest.

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