“Getting pregnant at 22? Mistake.”
“Moving in with a guy after 1 month? Mistake.”
“Becoming a stay-at-home mom? Mistake.”
“Pursuing a career in writing? Mistake.”
“Starting your own business? Mistake.”
“Getting married young? Mistake.”
“Losing your life savings? Mistake.”
“Quitting a cushy 5-figure job? Mistake.”
“Quitting a super-cushy 6-figure job? Biggest mistake ever.”

According to some people, every major decision I ever made was a mistake.

But I made those mistakes anyway. And those “mistakes” led me to the life of my dreams.

? That guy I moved in with after 1 month of dating? And married when I was really young? We’ve been together for 10 years now and we have a beautiful 8-year-old daughter.

? Becoming a stay-at-home mom at 23 jumpstarted my freelancing career and motivated me to build multiple income streams.

? Losing my savings motivated me to work harder to rebuild my safety net. I learned about risk and grew a new appreciation for money.

? Quitting a high-paying job to pursue freelancing full-time finally gave me 100% freedom over my time. (And I make way more money now working 1/3 the hours)

Looking back, nothing I did was a mistake. Every bump in the road was a blessing. A series of unforgettable life lessons that led me to where I am today. ❤️

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