Landing page pro tip ?‍?

Want to increase landing page conversions fast? ? (Who doesn’t, right?)

? Target low-hanging fruit first and only change ONE variable at a time.

I’ve helped clients increase conversion rates by as much as 10-20% just by making dead simple, tiny tweaks like:

– Removing (or swapping out) an underperforming above-the-fold image

– Adding 1 or 2 extra CTAs in bold colors

– Replacing a key testimonial

– Changing just the headline (one of the most important variables to test first)

Don’t. overcomplicate. things.

? Here’s how you find these low-hanging fruits:

-Use a landing page builder that let’s you run A/B tests

-Add a heatmapping tool to figure out what your audience likes and dislikes.

-If you see a sharp drop-off in scroll rate, analyze that section to see if it could be improved. Make the change and run another test.

Rinse and repeat.

>>>>> Many clients think landing pages are one and done – they never test them and blame the creative or copy for not converting…

But the truth is, nobody can create an asset that instantly converts like hotcakes. It takes months of disciplined testing and CRO to build out a high-converting funnel.

But landing page optimization doesn’t have to be scary or hard.

Target low-hanging fruit for an easy win ?

Do you tweak your landing pages? ⬇️

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