Dear Brands,

STOP SHOUTING. I can hear you…
That doesn’t mean your message speaks to me.
And that’s OKAY.
If you want your copy to appeal to EVERYONE, it ends up appealing on no one…

I’m sick of getting bombarded by hundreds of boring, vanilla ads every single day…that don’t speak to me AT ALL. And then getting retargeted again and again by the same companies giving me the same ol’ spiels.

Ads littered with cookie-cutter promises and yawn-worthy headlines.

Ads that give the industry a bad rap.

What is good copy anyway? What does a good ad look like?

Chances are, you’ll know it when you see it. It’s an ad that hooks you in and lights you up. One you don’t want to skip. One you’ll actually remember. And maybe click on.

Copywriting is an intimate conversation between two people: the writer (whose carefully chosen words personify the brand) and the reader.

People click away because your ad doesn’t interest them.
That’s normal.
But the ones who stick around?
They’re the ones you want.

They’re the readers who will become buyers because your copy speaks to their deep-rooted desires so well, they are compelled to whip out their Mastercards to get the pain relief promised by your solution.

Target those people.

Your product or service isn’t (and shouldn’t) be meant for anyone, anywhere, at any age.

Speak to a specific group of people and find their deep-rooted desires.

Research and create a super detailed ideal customer persona and speak to this persona in a simple, clear way with a tone/phrases *they* would use. Get cozy with your customers. Hang out where they hang out. Observe them. Interview them. Become them.

Sooo…is your copywriting *intimate* enough?

xo Jackie

Published On: August 4th, 2020 / Categories: Uncategorized /