✅️ I put a lot of time and care into crafting each offer, making sure it was irresistable (like $1/product description), super affordable, and there were no typos and grammar mistakes

✅️ I included relevant keywords and phrases in my offers and at least 1-2 upsells per package

✅️ I responded to all messages as soon as I could, and was always super excited to work on any project, big or small

✅️ I gave lightning fast turnaround times and always delivered my work at least a few hours earlier than the deadline (and always with a grateful note to the client, asking for a review and repeat business)

✅️ I offered unlimited revisions (which sometimes backfired on me) and 100% satisfaction guarantee every time

✅️ I went above and beyond for every project, often delivering well beyond initial scope, even going as far as working several extra hours for no pay, just to make sure the work was perfect

Of course I made a ton of mistakes in those early years. Of course people took advantage of me, micromanaged me, undervalued and underpaid (or didn’t pay) me.

But I learned sooo much during that time. It felt like working for a several new bosses and companies every week.

I had fun. I enjoyed working on pretty much anything and everything under the sun.

Sure, I charged next to nothing, but I gained a ton of experience really quickly, had an average of 4.9/5 stars across 150+ reviews and helped a lot of small biz owners.

I quit Fiverr a few years ago (their cut was just too big), but I still enjoyed freelancing there.

Beginners frown upon working for free/low pay, but in my experience, that was the fastest way to get valuable experience (and lots of social proof) when I was just starting out in my early 20s.

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