How I prioritize my tasks to reduce procrastination ⏳

? Every morning, I rank tasks from 1 to 3 based on my willpower level for the day.

I only focus on 3 main tasks every day. 4 at most. (This includes meetings and personal appointments)

When I used to cram in 5-10 different “priorities” per day I’d always get overwhelmed and only cross off 3‐4 items anyway.

Now I’m realistic about my expectations, my ability and I’m better at preventing burnout.

My willpower is highest between 9am-1pm. I do all my deep work during that time. Sometimes I do low priority or low willpower tasks from 1-3pm, when I’m getting tired. Sometimes I finish work for the day at 1pm and spend the rest of the day relaxing alone or spending time with family.

No timers, apps or an assistant to keep me focused. So far, this is working for me. The more I rest and do self-care the more I wake up energized and full of ideas the next day!

How do I limit my calendar to just 3 items a day?

This year I started saying NO to anything that’s not an absolute priority for that day. Ruthlessly.

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