I reviewed 500+ job applications this week.
Here’s what people did right and wrong.

(Yes, I read (or skimmed) every single email and portfolio sent my way. My eyes are soooo dry right now ?)

✅️ What they did right

– Use my name (not just ma’am or “hiring manager). Multiple times.

– Attach a relevant, curated portfolio and interesting cover letter

– Politely followed up with a personalized message

– Did research into Copy Forest and expressed interest in helping me grow the brand and help people worldwide

– Sent me really funny and creative emails

❌️ What they did wrong

– Copy-n’-Paste Cover Letter

– Called me wrong name or “Sir”

– Send a Google Drive link (nothing else)

– Spammed my inbox repeatedly, sometimes just with, “?????????”

– Very poor grammar and spelling in work samples and cover letter

– Obviously had no clue who I was, what I do, and didn’t care to spend 5 sec looking at my profile before messaging me

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