Last year I turned down $20k+ worth of work from toxic ex-clients.

I turned away at least $10-$15k+ worth of work because I couldn’t help them or the timing didn’t work out.

I missed out on ~$20-30k+ of revenue because my rates were too high and I didn’t negotiate.

“Wow, Jackie, so you could’ve made an extra $50-$65k or more?!”


But at what cost?

When you say yes to every opportunity, you risk damaging your reputation, health, sanity, relationships and wasting your time.

I learned that the hard way, many times over in the past.

That’s why I’m proud I stuck to my guns and turned down that work in 2021.

This is just ONE of the 55 pitch n’ pricing lessons I’m covering in my upcoming playbook!

Will be sharing more lessons over the next few weeks.

?Copy Forest Update?

– I’ve stopped hiring (for now) – thanks to everyone who applied!

– 7-Day Portfolio Bootcamp is 99% done

– The Copy Forest paid community has been opened to a few early members

– Headline Hero 2022 is 99% done

– I sent out a free copy of my “5 steps to 5-figure months” mini-guide to top applicants last week

– Pitch n’ Pricing Mistakes is 30% done

Happy Sunday,


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