✍️ My biggest failures as a writer…and how I overcame them ✍️

1. I was too shy/scared to promote myself because I worried about other people’s opinions.

➡️ Solution: Bite the bullet and just start. That’s when I realized the only person holding me back was me.

2. Indulging in time-wasting activities that robbed me of my energy and made little to no impact on my biz (i.e. spending hours a day liking & commenting on hundreds of FB posts).

➡️ Solution: Dopamine detox and practicing self-discipline.

3. Networking with toxic people and letting their terrible thoughts, habits and beliefs rub off on me.

➡️ Solution: End relationships with toxic family, friends, acquaintances. (Painful, but sooo necessary)

4. Pushing myself until I burnt out. Over and over. Never putting my health and sanity first.

➡️ Solution: Re-evaluating my life priorities and learning about self-care through journaling and meditation.

xo Jackie

Published On: November 28th, 2020 / Categories: Uncategorized /