– “Ads are cancer”
– “Vile lies”
– “Sells me stuff I already have, can’t afford, or don’t want”
– “Loud, annoying, insensitive, condescending”
– “Extreme violation of privacy”

These are REAL things people are saying about ads.

Ads marketers spent 300 BILLION USD last year to create and distribute.

People HATE ads.

They’re doing everything they can to skip, block, ignore and close ads.

95% of ads these days are disruptive (in a bad way), irrelevant, boring and sometimes downright unethical and sleazy.

We need to stop polluting the internet and start rebuilding trust with consumers.

Stop putting out trash and expecting consumers to eat it up.

These people aren’t fictional avatars.

They’re your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and coworkers.

Don’t forget you’re speaking to fellow humans and asking them to give you the most valuable thing they own: their time.

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