THIS foolproof hack is pixie dust for your conversion rate

Sprinkle on some power words!

Power words elicit a strong emotional or psychological response in the reader and compel them to act.


Trigger loss aversion –> bargain, don’t miss out, savings, bonus, limited-time

❓Trigger curiosity –> insider, secret, undiscovered, off-limits

⭕ Trigger safety –> easy, painless, foolproof, legitimate

? Trigger vanity –> you, your, strong, attractive, smart, elite

? Trigger fear –> crisis, dangerous, risk, toxic

❤️ Trigger lust –> desire, pleasure, love, obsession

So instead of saying:
“Some tips to generate more sales”

“These 5 unconventional industry secrets will skyrocket your MRR”

POP some power words into ⬇️
-Sales pages
-Video scripts and more!

Then watch the magic happen…

Do YOU use power words in your marketing and copywriting?

xo Jackie

Published On: October 9th, 2020 / Categories: Uncategorized /