How to reframe your offer pricing ?

$20/mo sounds like a lot for a mental health app. But $0.69/day (billed monthly) sounds like a steal. This is the “pennies-a-day” pricing strategy.

Other pricing strategies:

? Separate the shipping ($22 w/ free shipping vs. $16 + $6 shipping)

? % off or $ off? Pick the larger number.

(I.e. 10% off or $248 off – put the $ amount on your sales page. $60% off or $7 off – use the % amount)

? Switch to usage-based flexible pricing instead of flat monthly fee. (I.e. AI copywriting tools charge per words generated)

? Offer a cancelation discount (Netflix, Canva, Audible all offer incentives for customers to stay, which costs them less than trying to acquire a brand new customer)

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