So, that lead’s staler than 6-day-old crusty French bread.

Should you still bother?

—> Do you want to make money? <—


Then read on…

You had a great chat with your prospect and they seemed interested in your offering (at the time) but then they ghosted you…

You didn’t close.

Ya let ’em slip right through your fingers.

It’s okay. It happens to all of us.

But all hope isn’t lost!

Revive the conversation by triggering:

*Loss aversion bias*

What’s that?

Loss aversion bias refers to an innate mechanism built into everyone’s human brain: a tendency to avoid loss over acquiring gains. In plain English: people would rather avoid losing $10 than finding $10 on the ground.

This phenomenon was first identified in 1992 by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman.

So how do you apply this Jedi mind trick on your stale leads?

Ask them:

“Are you ready to give up on this project?”

Asking someone if they want to QUIT immediately drives an emotional punch to their gut. ?

It forces them to focus back on you and it makes them feel the full weight of what might happen if they don’t carry out this project.

No one wants to feel that FOMO.

No one wants to be a quitter.

No one wants to put off doing something that will drive more biz profit.

Just like that, you’re back in the ring.

You’ve grabbed their attention by the throat.

Now deliver a knockout proposal and get that win. ?

I learned this trick from a video by Chris Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator.

You should also check out his book, Never Split the Difference. It’s about the art of persuasion, a crucial skill for any biz owner.

A few people I know have already tried this trick with success. Why not give it a whirl?


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