Joana Wiebe once said, “Sell your prospects a better version of themselves.”

? People don’t want to buy your online course about freelancing —>they want the freedom to work when they want, where they want.

? People don’t want to buy your diet supplement —> they want to squeeze back into their favorite dress.

? People don’t want to buy your executive coaching program —> they want to make 2x more money while working 1/2 as many hours.

So the next time you’re crafting a sales page or email, remember to paint a picture for your prospect. Show them what their future could look like. ?

Sell the benefits.
Sell the benefits of the benefits.
Don’t just focus on features.

Coaches, consultants, freelancers, small biz owners, listen up…YES, you *can* and *should* make good money for changing people’s lives! ?

If you can persuade readers that your offer will help them achieve their dreams, they will happily whip out their wallets. ? #winwin

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