For years I sent out 3-figure quotes.

Always in the $400-$600 range.

Maybe it was due to imposter’s syndrome. Lack of confidence. Money hang ups…

One day, a while back, I did something WILD.

Instead of quoting $990, I quoted $10,000 for a new website project.

Just to prove to myself I had the guts to do it.

I knew the work was worth that much…but I didn’t think a new client would ever pay me that much.

But I knew I also couldn’t keep scraping by every month, working 2 jobs while looking after my daughter.

I was SHAKING when I hit the send button.

CONVINCED the client would ghost me or laugh at my proposal.

They countered with $7800. ?

Of course I said yes!

Funny thing was, if I’d quoted $990, like the old Jackie would’ve, the client might have looked for someone else.

Because bigger clients think if you charge too little…the work must be inferior.

In the end they were delighted with my copy and gave me $10k worth of additional work.

I made about $18k. My work made them a healthy 6 figures (and counting).


This experience forever changed the way I quoted new projects.

And helped me go from 3-figure months to 5-figure months.

Service providers: if you want to make more money, sometimes all you have to do is ask.



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