The biggest cold pitch mistake I see time and again:

Leading with “I”.

I get dozens of messages and emails every week from people who want to work for me.

Last year I got 1000+ cold DMs and emails.

>>> 96% of people will start the conversation talking about THEM.

>>> 99% of messages are copy-and-paste (and pretty blah)

“I have 5 years of experience doing…”

“My team is great at…”

“I would like…”

“I’m interested in…”

“I can / I would love to/ I’m happy to”

“My passion is…’

There’s a reason why people think cold calling/emails/messaging is DEAD and won’t work.

They’re doing the same thing over and over expecting to get lucky.

The secret to cold emails?

✍ Personalization and a relevant, irresistible offer.

✍Make it all about the RECIPIENT.

✍ Solve their biggest problems and ease their pain.

✍ Use the word “you” and the recipient’s name A LOT.

✍ Sound like a human (throw in some personality for crying out loud).

✍ Do your research!

I can’t tell you how often people call me “Sir”.

Equally bad is when you call me “Ma’am” or Mrs. Quiring because that makes me feel ancient ?

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