I love reading those Choose Your Own Adventure books, and more recently, playing those Choose Your Own Adventure games on my phone.

Even as an adult, I find them entertaining. They appeal to me because I love the sense of control I feel when I make each decision. Every situation has a limited number of choices, and each choice has a predetermined chain of consequences.

If I fail, I know I can go back, try again, and make different decisions.

If I “win” the game, I feel triumphant, knowing I survived all the challenges.

So why don’t we all approach life the same way?

Why do so many of us feel like we can’t choose our own adventures?

We feel like our lives are out of control, with too many choices, each one leading to unfathomable consequences.

Why is it that so many people can’t stare failure in the eye and say, “I will try again”?

And why is it that so many winners still don’t feel happy in the end, despite “having it all”?

It’s funny how we can’t apply the same logic to our lives as we do to simple video games.

The best part about adventure games is the journey, everyone intuitively understands that.

No one would ever pay for a game where the opening screen features the hero with the girl of his dreams, untold riches and fame and a dead boss at his feet. What fun is that?

We want to earn the right to those things.

Struggle and level up and fail and start over.

We hate games that are too easy.

We want to push our characters and grind our way to the top.

So why do so many people dream of winning the lottery just so they can quit their jobs and sail through the rest of their lives?

Why do we fantasize about lost inheritances and dating billionaires?

Why are so many kids anxious to “grow up”, get married and make boatloads of money? And when things don’t go their way, they blame it on their parents, the economy, the government, their upbringing…anything and everyone but themselves.

The fact is, you are holding the controller, whether you like it or not.

You’re the boss in the commander seat, even if you don’t want the job.

Your perceptions about THE world shape YOUR world and how you react to the chaos that is life.

Take the time to reframe your thoughts and re-evaluate your current circumstances. Then, take responsibility for your life and your choices!

Savour every delicious second.

Relish every crushing setback.

Seize every tiny opportunity.

Be greedy for change.

Hungry for self-improvement.

Curious about your surroundings. (Look up from your phone once in a while, will ya?)

Be generous to the world.

You only get this one life.

Level up and own your journey.

Love, Jackie
March 3, 2020

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