I hired Jackie in August 2021. Our tried-and-true newsletter campaign was tanking and I needed an expert conversion copywriter to offer strategic insights and advanced copywriting techniques to increase click engagement. We were also in need of event campaign emails, plus any other copywriting needs from our Create Team (aka – our marketing department.)

Before Jackie came on board our team was either procrastinating on writing newsletters or spending too much copyediting the work of juniors. It was a resource suck on the team and the results weren’t there. I personally was tearing my hair out as the primary campaign writer: a strength but not a passion. Newsletters had gone from consistent clickthrough rates of 1.5-2% down to .15% – abysmal on a warm group of 5k leads.

After Jackie came on board I never had to worry about a newsletter again. Her work has been 99.9% spelling error-free and with perfect grammar, and she increased clickthrough rates by 1100%-1600% (from .15% to 1.7%-2.5%.) Industry average on newsletter clickthrough rates are 2% so to get our list back to a healthy range every single Tuesday has been incredible. This level of engagement improves list hygiene and contributes to the overall warming of our community, which leads to sales of our high ticket coaching program.

On the campaign side she’s been the primary copywriter for our last two, 3-day event campaigns. Her 12 emails for our April 2022 campaign contributed to hitting our goal of driving 20% of ticket sales, equating to $90,000 in revenue. We’re excited to reuse this same email campaign for our upcoming 3-day event in July to a new group of leads on our list. 

On the TOF side of our team, Jackie has contributed deft YouTube video scripting; landing page optimization (she increased our About page from 8% conversion rate to 18% conversion rate; increasing conversion opportunities into our bi-monthly virtual events), plus created 100s of pieces of varied written content for testing.

Thank you, Jackie!

Stacey Ashworth

Director of Optimization / Marketing

Mint C.R.O.

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