? US$, CA$, GBP, AU$…?

What’s the most valuable currency in the world?

It probably isn’t what you’re thinking.

No currency is worth as much as…paying someone with your


Trust takes time. Energy. A leap of faith.

Trust is not only life’s most valuable currency…it’s also the most valuable currency in the world of freelancing.

It’s hard to build trust, especially in new working relationships.

Clients are afraid of unreliable contractors wasting their time and delivering subpar work. (They have businesses to run!)

Freelancers are afraid of scope creep, scams and not getting paid on time or at all. (They have bills to pay!)

Sooooo…How do you get started on the right foot?

  1. Communicate before and during every step/project milestone (when it comes to remote work, don’t be afraid to OVERCOMMUNICATE!)
  2. Lay out a specific statement of work (scope + deliverables + timeline) that both parties agree to
  3. Sign a contract and/or collect a 50% deposit BEFORE you start working together.

These aren’t foolproof solutions, but they are professional ones that protect both parties.


It’s hard to find a great freelancer. It’s equally hard to find a great client. Stay grateful. :)

xo Jackie

Published On: July 31st, 2020 / Categories: Uncategorized /