I spent 150 hours building a Shopify store that never launched.

I spent 6 months writing a book that never published.

I spent 2 months writing copy for my first website and changed it 2 days later.

I spent over 200 hours playing video games this year instead of working more.

I spent 3 weeks straight once binge-watching Netflix because I was depressed.

Family and friends told me these were all a “waste” of time and “failures”.

But I saw them as learning opportunities.

I learned:

– How to build and design a Shopify store and enhance conversions with apps

– It’s normal to optimize copy *after* a website launch. That’s what CRO is all about.

– Because of my video games, I spent dozens of hours researching and learning about interior design, endangered animals, Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian history and hunting.

– If I don’t want to destroy my mental health, I need to work on self-care every day, not just *after* I get sick.

Failure is subjective and nothing is ever a waste of time (if you learn a lesson from it).



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