How I increased my client’s landing page conversion rate from 8 to 21% without writing almost any copy ?

This was 2 weeks ago. I spent 30 min studying the heat maps, auditing the page and reviewing click data.

Noticed biggest drop-off was at the top of the page.

In Unbounce, I shortened both sections, removed all hyperlinks, and rewrote the headline. Also added 5 new (bigger) CTAs (one after each section) that all pointed to same URL.

Sounds simple, right? Those changes took about an hour to make.

So why did the client pay me so much for a couple hours worth of work?

? Spending 1 hour making changes in Unbounce – $50

? Knowing what to change and why – $1000

Because sometimes the problem isn’t the copy…and rewriting all the copy probably wouldn’t have made as big of an impact.

This is why conversion copywriters don’t charge by the hour!

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