Emails I always open:

– Newsletters from my daughter’s school

– My eTickets (and receipts)

– Travel confirmation emails

– Big Brother donation pickup dates

– Household/Business bills

– Overdue rentals/library books

– Appointment reminder emails

– Personal emails from friends/family

– Professional emails from people I hire such as the accountant, graphic designers, freelancers and existing and potential clients

– Notification emails re: new sales, successful deposits, money transfers

The point of this post? NOT to give sneaky marketers ideas for clickbaity subject lines…

But to prove that people do open and read emails every day…related to things THEY care about.

I get hundreds of new emails and DMs every week. I have 5 emails and all of them are FLOODED with garbage.

Most emails get ignored/unopened because the brand/subject doesn’t matter to me (sometimes it’s because I forgot though ?)

If no one cares about your brand, you could send a “ALERT: 75% OFF” email every day and nobody would care.

If Apple had a 75% off sale (not that they would ever do that), there’d be mile-long lineups.

Long story short, people will always open and read emails that matter to THEM and affects their lives.

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