Why is it so taboo to talk about rates/salaries?

Why are small biz owners so reluctant to post prices on their website?

Why do people assume you’re greedy if you charge a lot?

Why is a ? the symbol of wealth and savings? ?

When I was freelancin’ as a freshman, nay, freshwoman, my family said I shouldn’t charge too much or my clients would leave me.

I was 17 and naive.

I figured the adults were right.

So I didn’t raise my already-cheap rates for 2 whole years.

Until one day, one of my clients (a biz whiz) pulled me aside and said,

“Look, you need to raise your rate. It’s way below market.”

The next day, he raised my hourly rate by 57%.

Then, he said, “Now go tell your other clients this is your new rate.”

I gasped. “They’ll never—“

“They’ll be more than happy to pay this rate. Trust me.”

So I did.

He was right.

No one had any issues with the new rate.

I learned a valuable lesson that day.

It’s not greedy to ask for more money.

It’s not wrong to want market or even above market compensation (esp. if you are a rockstar service provider ?).

It’s perfectly fine to love money.

Your clients love money too. And they make MORE of it by hiring you, my freelance friend…

Soooo…are you charging what your work is worth?

xo, Jackie

Published On: July 19th, 2020 / Categories: copywriting /