You love compliments on your writing. Who doesn’t?
But just like salt, a pinch of praise is delicious.
A pound will probably kill you. ⚰️

As much as we all enjoy hearing the good, it’s in the criticism (constructive and otherwise) that we grow as writers.

You won’t improve your writing if you join a group of writers who go around celebrating and patting each other’s back all day long.

You’ll feel loved and supported, but you won’t improve your skills.

It always saddens me when writers ask me for feedback, then get super offended and ghost me when I give them my honest opinion. ?

Hey, you won’t come up with breakthrough ideas if everyone’s telling you how great you already are.

You’ll end up spoiled by praise and dangerously complacent.

That’s why I enjoy criticism as much as compliments. It keeps me grounded, self-aware and pulls me back down to Earth when my ego tries to skyrocket into outer space.

xo Jackie

Published On: July 24th, 2020 / Categories: Inspiration /