Pros have them, set them, respect them and follow them.

Beginner writers and hobbyists often don’t.

What am I talkin’ about?


Professional writers, whether they are content writers, copywriters or creative writers, deliver on time and on brief, whether it’s for a client, boss or for their own writing/publishing business (I’ve had all 3).

If you’re just starting out and you don’t deliver on time for a client, you instantly lose credibility and break trust. Now some clients may be understanding and give you an extension. But chances are, you will lose their respect, especially if you miss another deadline or milestone.

Referrals and testimonials? Forget about it. You probably won’t be getting any if you’re unreliable. Clients need to be able to count on you, just like any other employer.

Now what if you’re just writing for yourself and your readers? If you want to start a niche blog or become an author, you need to set deadlines for yourself and follow them.

Self-discipline…get some.

Otherwise you risk losing motivation and becoming one of a million other writers out there who can’t “make it” and fail at their business.

Setting strict deadlines for yourself trains you to treat writing like a real business, not just some hobby that you can dabble in and play around with when the mood or inspiration strikes.

If you don’t have clients, you are your own client. Keep yourself accountable, and behave just as professionally as if you were dealing with a paying customer.

Your attitude towards your work will shape the magnitude of your success, and determine how long you survive off your writing.

Anyone can write anything if you give them long enough.

But professional writers can create content against deadlines and produce quality work even when:

– They don’t feel like it
– They have “writer’s block”
– They’re feeling emotional or blue
– They’re going through relationship problems or major life changes

Because guess what?

Everyone has those problems.

Don’t hide behind excuses and procrastination.

The world doesn’t stop revolving because you’re having a mid-life crisis or mental breakdown. Unfortunately, people will still expect professional results from you, even when you’re struggling in your personal life.

Build your discipline and resilience one word at a time.

Grow your audience by consistently showing up and putting your words out there!

Happy professionalling,

May 31, 2020